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PHP 95%
Ruby 80%
Java 50%
JavaScript 85%
C# 40%
Swift 20%


Rails 75%
Laravel 5.0 75%
Symfony 1.4/2.3 70%
Phonegap/Cordova 40%
Ionic 40%


MySQL 85%
SyBase 60%
MongoDB 40%


JQuery 90%
Angular JS 50%
Bootstrap 90%



About me

Seasoned and versatile software engineer, developer & website creator Experienced, innovative, creative and inventive.


We don't have a huge family, we just enough. My wife, Miriam, who is my support at the same time is the mom of our 2 children. Valeria Sarahí the older sister and Jorge Isaac the new baby.

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Bachelor of Computer Science & Post-Degree Diploma(Progress)

Douglas College, New Westminster, BC. Canada.

Emerging Technology (Post-Degree Diploma). Douglas College is the leading provider of post-degree programs in British Columbia.

2017 – 2018


University of Colima

(in Spanish: Universidad de Colima) is a Mexican public university with several campuses across the state of Colima, bordering the Pacific Ocean. It was founded on September 1940 by the President Lázaro Cárdenas as People's University of Colima (Universidad Popular de Colima),[1] and intended to serve the educational needs of the states of Michoacán, Jalisco, and Colima.

2003 – 2007

Bachelor of
Computer Science

Douglas College, New Westminster, BC. Canada.

is one of the largest post secondary institutions in British Columbia, Canada.
Founded in 1970, the college serves some 14,000 credit students, 9,000 continuing education students and 1,400 international students each year. Douglas offers bachelor's degrees and general university arts and science courses, as well as career programs in a wide variety of disciplines.

JUN - DEC 2006

exchange student

Bachillerato. #1 - Technical programmer

Bachillerato Tecnico #1 is a technical high school offering a programmer diploma. (3 years)

2000 - 2003

Higher School

Work experience

Work experience

For me it is really never was work, I have always enjoyed the IT word. Makes sense

CoCoSoft S.C.

Develop in PHP on Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Cordova/Ionic.

2013 - 2017 August



Develop in PHP on Symfony, Ruby on Rails.

2012 - 2017 March

Web Developer

Municipal Government

Municipality of Villa de Álvarez, Colima, Mx. Developed villadealvarez.gob.mx web page. Ubuntu servers for web technology support. (Apache, myslq, bind9, samba, php, ftp, ssh, smtp, pop, etc). Wireless connections support (antennas betweens buildings) between with antennas.

2009 - 2012

Technical Director.

Tecnologías Dialles de México

I was working with PHP for 2 years. Developed red10.com web page which focuses on SMS services, prepaid credit and a social networking service.

2007 - 2009

Web Developer


Recent Projects

Here are my last projects, in the last 10 years, I have developed many sites and projects.

My Company

logo cocosoft

Consultoria Comunicaciones y Software S.C.


Contact me

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the form below or send me a email to: jorge@floresc.com


Burger King Corporation of franchises. This company has 70 restaurants in the western United States, mostly in Oregon and some in California and Washignton.

Project Details

The main project is the GBMBIS (GBM Bussines Intelligence Suite), The main propouse is concentrate information of the 70 restaurants and create intelligente reports for improve the restaurants service performace. Each Server (restaurant) was installed a software to send information every 15 min. Before of this, I made a payroll software and Micros-reports (standar reports monitor).

  • Skills: PHP, Laravel, Redis, Linux Dedicated Servers, API, Git, IOS, Android, Ionic, Cordova, Delphi.
  • Collaborators: Fernando Castillo, Edgar Radillo
  • Type Project: Contracts
  • Projects: 3
  • Projects Names: Payroll, Micros-reports and GBMBIS
  • Working Date: From April 2014 - Current
  • Project Url: http://gbmbis.com/
  • Repo: https://bitbucket.org/jfcr/gbmbis-backend/

Colima Noticias

Comercializadora y Publicidad de Colima S.A.

The online newspaper COLIMANOTICIAS, is a plural space that makes it a leader of timely, reliable information that supports the reflection and discussion of ideas about the events and situations of transcendent public and political life of Colima, with The purpose of providing readers with useful tools for understanding their political and social environment with professional journalism.

Project Details

Re-build re-disign and re-organization of the information to migrate the new CMS (Before was Jomla). Increase the traffic and and mantain a exceptional performace. 24/7 monitoring and support.

  • Skills: PHP, Wordpress, Redis, https, Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • Type Project: Advertising commission
  • Projects: 4
  • Projects Names: Colima Noticias Site, Radio Online, kiniela game, Process Mobile app
  • Working Date: From March 2013 - Current
  • Project Url: http://www.colimanoticias.com

Proyecta Mercadotecnia Aplicada

Proyecta is a Mexican company made up of researchers committed to the growth and success of companies, organizations and institutions, which we serve by offering them quality tools and information for decision making in strategic planning.

Project Details

Software about receive encoded SMS and process to get a fast consoulting, It for the elecction day and get previews of results. More than 10000 sms process in 6 hours.

  • Skills: PHP, Symfony, SMS Server, analytic data.
  • Type Project: For Project
  • Projects: 3
  • Projects Names: Elecction 2015 (Colima, Michoacan, Jalisco, Guanajuato), Elecction extraordinary 2016 Colima, Elecction 2016 (Aguascalientes, Durango y Tamaulipas)
  • Working Dates: Jun 2015, Jan 2016, Jun 2016
  • Project Url: http://2016.proyectamx.mx
  • Repo: https://bitbucket.org/negoxp/proyecta

Mia creativos

Marketing agency that designs creative strategies in an integral way. Marketing agency that offers the guarantee of generating intelligent concepts that are reflected in the image and success of your brand

Project Details

I was working for 4 years with many proyects, mostly a information pages. The last projects was decisiondeempresario.com, hazsalud.com, studio3.com.mx, hotelcasonadedonjorge.com, etc.

  • Skills: PHP, Wordpress, Radio Servers.
  • Collaborators: Gustavo Gomez, Alvaro Padilla
  • Type Project: For Project
  • Projects: 6
  • Projects Names: micupon.mx, akitamos.com, decisiondeempresario.com, hazsalud.com, studio3.com.mx, hotelcasonadedonjorge.com, etc.
  • Working Dates: Oct 2012 - current
  • Project Url: http://miacreativos.com.mx

Ecos de la Costa

Editora Diario Ecos de la Costa S.A. de C.V.

Newspaper dean of the state of colima and the region, founded in 1927. We have 87 years of journalistic life, we have the largest circulation in the state, providing information services with opportunity, veracity and objectivity.

Project Details

Create and responsibility to increase the traffic with networking strategies

  • Skills: PHP, Wordpress, Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • Type Project: Contract
  • Working Date: From Sep 2016 - Current
  • Project Url: http://www.ecosdelacosta.mx/

Incisive Marketing

Incisive Marketing works with Business to Business firms, but we believe that ultimately marketing is Human to Human, and we design our solutions that way. Our results are measurable, and they are related to your goals.

Project Details


Burger King Corporation

Update old database to the new structure "Golden DB" over Restaurants franchise chain.

Project Details

Remplace, backup, restore and test databases changes

  • Skills: SyBases
  • Type Project: Contract
  • Working Date: From Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

El correo de Manzanillo


Newspaper in Manzanillo, founded in 1982. We have 34 years of journalistic life, we have the largest circulation in the municipality, providing information services with opportunity, veracity and objectivity.

Project Details

Create and responsibility to increase the traffic with networking strategies

  • Skills: PHP, Wordpress, Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • Type Project: Contract
  • Working Date: From Sep 2016 - Current
  • Project Url: http://elcorreodemanzanillo.mx/


Partido Accion Nacional - Nacional Action Party

I have been working with many political characters of this party like Brenda Gutierrez , Patricia Lugo, Ernesto Cordero, etc.

Project Details

All software developed for them were related to the mobility of electors.

  • Skills: PHP, Symfony 1.4, Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • Type Project: Contract
  • Working Date: Different periods
  • Project Url: OFF-LINE


Electronic newspaper since 2013 focus on media data such as video, audio, podcast, radio and tv.

Project Details

Create, setup and maintain the structure of the site

  • Skills: PHP, Wordpress, Radio streaming Server, Linux Shared Servers.
  • Type Project: Setup and Services
  • Working Date: From Sep 2013 - Current
  • Project Url: http://ipuntocom.mx

Anuncialo Rapido

Classified magazine ads. All the ads were created from a site and after there were printed int he magazine. 10000 of copies every month.

Project Details

Create the site where the people can create their own ad and after it will show in the magazine.

  • Skills: PHP, My own libraries framework, Linux Shared Servers.
  • Type Project: Self Project
  • Working Date: From Nov 2012 - Jun 2013
  • Project Url: OFF-LINE

Gadget Store

A local business where I sell many kinds of gadgets, mobile accessories, cables, etc.

  • Skills: Personal management, sells, marketing strategies.
  • Type Project: Local Business
  • Working Date: From Agost 2015 - Current

Project Description

Harbor touch Sale Center is a platform where the agent analyzes the customers for the POS purchases. This app fill, analyze and select the variations of all kinds of POS that the company offers. Finally, create a pdf with all information ready to sign with Adobe Sign and print.

Project Details

  • Skills: RoR, Posgres, Amazone servers, Adobe Sign, etc.
  • Client: Harbortouch Payments, LLC
  • Date: Dec 2013 - current
  • Category: RoR
  • Project Url: https://sales.harbortouch.com

Project Description

Sabor a Colima is a company from Colima. It is a multi-level system to sell basically a coffee made in the state.

Project Details

  • Skills: PHP, JS, MySQL, Laravel.
  • Client: Sabor a Colima
  • Date: Jan 2017 - current
  • Category: Laravel
  • Project Url: http://saboracolima.com/

Project Description

Partido Verde Ecologista de México - Colima is Mexican political party, They need a system to administrator their Affiliates. Also, this system works to print for each affiliate a credential of the party. Overall, create, organize and report everything about affiliates.

Project Details

  • Skills: PHP, JS, MySQL, Laravel.
  • Client: Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico PVE930113JS1
  • Date: Jun 2016 - Current
  • Category: Laravel
  • Project Url: http://afiliados.pvemcolima.org.mx/

Project Description

CBTIS is a federal school. They needed a system for control of their students when the in and out of the school. Also, a reports administrator and grades panel consult online

Project Details

  • Skills: PHP, JS, MySQL, Symfony, AngularJS
  • Client: SEP-DGETI-CBTIS NO.19
  • Date: Sep 2016 - Current
  • Category: Laravel
  • Project Url: http://noabandono.cbtis19.mx/